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  1. Are there any limits to how many assignments or essays you can grade?

  2. Can EssayTagger be used for hand-written assignments?

  3. Can I change the CCSS grade level?

  4. Can I compare two different revisions / drafts?

  5. Can I create my own rubrics?

  6. Can I download the graded essays?

  7. Can I enter feedback comments from the website?

  8. Can I grade on my iPad?

  9. Can I print a rubric?

  10. Can I save a Rubric as a PDF?

  11. Can I share a rubric?

  12. Can I use the same rubric for different assignments?

  13. Can the rubric tally automatically generate a final score?

  14. Can you reduce the price on individual subscriptions?

  15. Do you accept Purchase Orders?

  16. Do you offer school-wide or district-wide pricing?

  17. Do you simplify billing for group licenses?

  18. Do you support spelling or grammar error marks?

  19. Does EssayTagger check for plagiarism?

  20. Does it work for languages other than English?

  21. Evaluation-only grading mode isn't working

  22. How can I adapt my existing rubric to work with EssayTagger?

  23. How do I add a Free Comment or error mark over an existing highlight?

  24. How do I begin grading essays?

  25. How do I cancel my individual subscription?

  26. How do I change which essay belongs to which student?

  27. How do I change which essay belongs to which student?

  28. How do I download my grading results data?

  29. How do I edit a standard in my rubric?

  30. How do I edit a student's name, email address, or section?

  31. How do I email graded work back to students?

  32. How do I print a rubric?

  33. How do I print graded essays?

  34. How do I re-grade or change a graded essay?

  35. How do I reactivate a cancelled account?

  36. How do I return graded work to students?

  37. How do I see the students' version of their graded papers?

  38. How do I upload essays?

  39. How do students upload their essays?

  40. How do you delete a rubric?

  41. How long is the Free Trial period?

  42. How much does EssayTagger cost?

  43. Is EssayTagger integrated with Common Core?

  44. Is there a group discount?

  45. My credit card expired and/or my payment failed

  46. Sync error when finalizing an essay that isn't associated with a student

  47. The grading app says it can't "sync" my changes

  48. The grading app won't launch

  49. The site isn't working properly from school!

  50. Try out the rest of EssayTagger

  51. What about FERPA regulations?

  52. What are your school-wide or district-wide features?

  53. What happens to my feedback comments when I share a rubric?

  54. What is a rubric "Descriptor"?

  55. Where are the K-5 standards?

  56. Which browsers do you support?

  57. Which document file formats do you support?

  58. Why does the rubric download as a CSV and can I open it in Word?

  59. Why don't I see all of my rubric elements in the grading app?

  60. Why don't you provide preconfigured rubrics with comment banks?

  61. Why isn't rubric descriptor text auto-generated?

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