Why does the rubric download as a CSV and can I open it in Word?

The rubric download option delivers the rubric as a CSV file which is bare-bones spreadsheet format. It's intended to be opened by Excel or any other spreadsheet program (e.g. Google Spreadsheet). If the spreadsheet program cannot open the file, please send the file to me so I can take a look; there may be a bug in the CSV generation.

Unfortunately we do not support downloading to other formats (other than the PDF option which is part of the Mac OS's built-in support when you hit Print). Because we allow such flexibility with how rubrics are constructed, it's impractical to try to auto-format a rubric to display nicely in Word. The first column could potentially have really long rubric element names which would crowd out the remaining columns. By providing CSV support, we leave it up to the instructor to format the rubric in the spreadsheet grid.

That all being said, the best way to share a rubric is to simply share the rubric's public link and let your colleagues and students work from the online version. Anyone on the web can view a rubric if you share a link to it. No logins or registration with us are ever required to view a shared rubric.

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