What are your school-wide or district-wide features?

We are currently working on tracking longitudinal data for each student and entire cohorts. The goal is to provide administrators with school-wide or district-wide data unification. 

Right now assessments--especially writing assessments--are scattered all over the place. This English teacher's essays, that Social Studies teacher's projects, maybe a few district writing assessments. We have the potential to bring all of those worlds together and provide a unified view of all of that writing assessment data. Then we'll be able to analyze the results at a per-student, per-teacher, per-PLT, and per-class year basis--and tie all of the data to specific Common Core standards (e.g. the sophomore class as a whole is struggling with W.9-10.1c).

These school-wide features are in development now and we're looking for early pilot schools to partner with. The partner schools would help us define how these school-wide features and data reporting should work. In exchange we'd offer a huge discount on a 2013-14 school-wide license.

We'd love to set up a teleconference or Skype call to talk more about the possibilities. Just send us a message at support@essaytagger.com and we'll set up a meeting ASAP!

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