What about FERPA regulations?

FERPA covers three basic areas of student privacy: 

- The right to inspect and review student records.
- The right to correct erroneous records.
- Regulations on the disclosure of records.

see: http://www2.ed.gov/policy/gen/guid/fpco/ferpa/index.html

The extent to which FERPA impacts EssayTagger (or any web-based gradebook or LMS) is fairly limited. If a student or parent requested a review of a student's EssayTagger records, the teacher can log in to the site and reveal that data to the student or parent. We can also provide assistance on our end for record inspection.

There is little need for correction of erroneous records, other than correcting name or email information (note: student email support is optional and can be disabled at the Course level. When disabled the site will not prompt the student to enter an email address when uploading their essays). Any other records would consist of the teacher's evaluation of student work which, ultimately, is up to the teacher.

We do not publicly disclose "directory" information (e.g. student rosters, contact info) anywhere on the site and have taken great lengths to encrypt student data in ways that prevent massive data leaks (see: http://blog.essaytagger.com/2012/06/every-site-is-getting-hacked-will-i-and.html).

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