What is a rubric "Descriptor"?

Descriptors are a simple way to bring traditional rubrics into EssayTagger's rubric system.

A traditional rubric is very general and high-level (e.g. "Adequately addresses most claims."). It is primarily a tool for assessment.

In contrast, EssayTagger is built for specific, targeted feedback (e.g. "You did not adequately address this particular claim because [...]"). EssayTagger's emphasis on feedback makes it primarily a tool for learning.

Despite this inherent mismatch, many instructors would still like to be able to display the traditional rubric text when they create a rubric in EssayTagger. That's fine, that's what Descriptors are for!

Just copy your existing rubric's original text into the Descriptor fields. The Descriptors will be displayed when the rubric is viewed as a whole so that your rubric looks just like a traditional rubric. But when you grade your essays in the grading app the Descriptors will be kept separate from your feedback comments.

Descriptors are optional in EssayTagger!

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