Can I create my own rubrics?


Our rubrics are completely customizable -- you can build one totally from scratch that is exactly tailored to your needs. The rubrics in our demo and elsewhere on the site are just for demonstration purposes; you can use them if you like, but we expect most instructors to craft their own.

When you create a rubric you simply specify each rubric element (e.g. "Thesis" or "Cite Primary Source") and specify if it is a "sentence-level", "paragraph-level", or "whole document" scope.

Some examples:
"Thesis" - sentence level
"Address Counterargument" - paragraph level
"Overall Organization" - whole document

The grading app then adjusts its behavior accordingly (e.g. highlight single sentences vs entire paragraphs when evaluating "Thesis" elements).

We have also integrated with the Common Core State Standards and provide a step-by-step rubric creation wizard for creating Common Core-aligned rubrics.

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